The SoundCam Ultra 3


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The SoundCam Ultra is a fully portable, easy-to-use point-and-measure ultrasonic measurement system with a built-in display and battery. Measuring up to 100kHz (ultra-high frequencies), it can quickly identify leaks in pressurized lines and vacuum leaks.  The loss can be easily quantified and issues can be prioritized based on cost and saftey.

The Ultra uses the SoundCam software that runs on all SoundCam systems which can also be run remotely on a Windows PC (safety situations).

Also available is the SoundCam Ultra sensor which can be used for permanent monitoring allowing for continuous monitoring of plants and facilities or for end-of-line quality assurance.

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Use and Applications

  • Compressed Air/Gas/vacuum leak detection
  • Detection of partial discharge
  • Mechanical fault detection
  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Non-Destructive Testing

Hardware – High Performance

The new SoundCam Ultra 3 is an ultrasound-capable camera with outstanding performance features. The high number of microphones ensures
high-resolution images with very high dynamics. Even weak sound sources can be made visible in the presence of strong sources. Of course, the
microphone data is analyzed in real time. Simultaneous data from the optical and thermal imaging camera as well as other sensors ensure optimum
information acquisition with very simple and intuitive operation. In addition to the standard mode, which is very easy to operate, and the Pro mode,
which is used for very sophisticated analyses, operating modes are implemented for special applications, such as the leakage mode for locating and
quantifying leaks in compressed air systems or the partial discharge mode for locating and evaluating partial discharges on high-voltage systems.

The SoundCam Ultra 3 is not only a superior measuring instrument, but with the help of a Windows software package it is also a comprehensive tool
that takes you all the way to the finished PDF report of your leaks or partial discharges.

The SoundCam Ultra 3 combines ease of use with performance, completes measurement tasks right up to the report and is resource-saving

Software – Comprehensive and intuitive

The software of the new SoundCam Ultra 3 is intuitive and very easy to use. The structured user interface starts directly with the most important
menus and very useful measurement modes for fast and efficient work. At the touch of a button, the Ultra 3 starts the measurement and finds the
acoustic source very quickly. The measurement modes have preset parameters so that any user can carry out the measurements without prior knowledge.
Important information such as the leakage loss or the PRPD diagram are displayed in the corresponding mode. The file manager is the perfect interface
between Ultra 3 and the PC. The measurement data can be analyzed and evaluated using identical software on the PC. An evaluation and documenta
tion software for the leakages and partial discharges creates a meaningful report in the shortest possible time. The software package for the Ultra 3 is
extremely high-performance, user-friendly and inclusive. There are no extra costs or running costs


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