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Sound source localization is made very easy with acoustic cameras. Acoustic cameras are using Beamforming-methods for localization. The results are presented as a colored acoustic picture or acoustic movie and are easy to interpret for everybody. With this powerful acoustic tool it is possible to make acoustic optimization not just for sound design and NVH but also for failure diagnosis e.g. gear or leakage detection on engines. Furthermore the acoustic camera is an important tool for noise reduction e.g. machine covers or buildings.

The Noise Inspector is a unique modular system which makes it an optimal solution. It is possible to expand the acoustic camera with an additional microphone array to open up new fields of application. For very fast troubleshooting an upgrade with an intensity array or an acoustic compass (3D acoustic intensity probe) offers you a high performance acoustic camera for every application.


Locate sound leakage quickly and easily to ensure maximum productivity and operational reliability.

Channel 9

Scott Soutar, Group Head of Property Operations and Workplace Services, Nine Entertainment Company, comments about the SoundCam:
“I love the camera it holds the builder to the highend build quality, which is always a very good thing.”
The SoundCam was used to find sound leakage through partitions, door and window frames, and leaks in mechanical air-handling systems ductwork. Further it can identify any gaps in the construction or flanking paths through the mechanical services that are contributing to noise transference.


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