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The SoundCam Ultra is a fully portable, easy-to-use point-and-measure ultrasonic measurement system with a built-in display and battery. Measuring up to 100kHz (ultra-high frequencies), it can quickly identify leaks in pressurized lines and vacuum leaks.  The loss can be easily quantified and issues can be prioritized based on cost and saftey.

The Ultra uses the SoundCam software that runs on all SoundCam systems which can also be run remotely on a Windows PC (safety situations).

Also available is the SoundCam Ultra sensor which can be used for permanent monitoring allowing for continuous monitoring of plants and facilities or for end-of-line quality assurance.


Use and Applications

  • Compressed Air/Gas Leak Localization
  • Vacuum Leak Localization
  • Partial Discharge Localization
  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Animal Studies
  • Non-Destructive Testing


All SoundCam systems use the same award-winning SoundCam and optional Noise Inspector Software

 – SoundCam Software –

The SoundCam software is a point-and-measure real-time software.  It allows you to fine-tune your measurements and then store up to 60s of measurement data on a rolling basis so when you see what you want, then store it.  You can also take pictures and create videos.  Event-based detection and documentation are available using sound-level or spectrum-based triggers that will automatically save the measurement and pictures.  Data stored by the SoundCam software is pre-processed beamforming data that can be replayed with different level scaling.  For more advanced after-the-fact processing you will need the Noise Inspector software.

– Noise Inspector –

Noise Inspector is a data collection and analysis software that operates on Windows PC.  Unlike the SoundCam software which is primarily designed for real-time analysis and storing beamformed data, Noise Inspector stores the entire data stream, from all microphones, which then can be processed after the fact.  Noise inspector is a better option when:

  • You have limited time to collect data or only have a single opportunity at collecting data
  • Desire or require to process and analyze data later time
  • Need to analyze a complex situation
  • Require High-Definition or use of different beamforming algorithms.



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